Be that Somebody...

Be that Somebody...

If you have ever thought that somebody should be looking after what you really care about in your neighbourhood, now you can be that somebody.

Community organisations and residents in the local area have expressed the need to be better informed and more connected with each other and so have a greater awareness of what's going on. Think about it, if you are not aware of what’s going on locally you cannot influence your neighbourhood’s future.

What are we aiming for?

We aim for a better connected Cheylesmore, Whitley and Stonehouse Estate.

We want to have a well-informed neighbourhood, where everyone is aware of what’s going on in the area, how and where to get involved and where to get support from. Let’s do something about how you want your local area to look and feel like, we can do it together by:

  • Promoting opportunities for working in partnership with residents and organisations who share the same interests as you. Start here, on this platform, by joining and encouraging others to join Cheylesmore & Whitley Community.
  • Share knowledge, tools, skills and success stories to help shape your neighbourhood. Start here.

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